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The Best LEGO Cars on the Web! | LEGO News, Reviews & MOCs | Cars, Trucks, Sci-Fi, Aircraft & More

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  • 07/23/12--13:01: Shaken not Stirred
  • We’ve featured a few of Malte Dorowski’s astonishing racing cars before on The Lego Car Blog, and this time he’s completed the set by beautifully photographing his Martini Racing Team VW Parts Van alongside one of his Porsche racing cars. Part of a Classic Racing group, you can view the full gallery on MOCpages.

    thelegocarbloggerMartini RacingthelegocarbloggerMartini Racing

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  • 09/10/12--13:57: Twin Turbo Daf
  • Discovered on the Eurobricks Forum, and resplendent in Daf Racing colours complete with all 729 sponsors, this Dakar Rally Truck by VFRacingTeam is a rather brilliant looking machine. It should be brilliant to drive too, being powered by a complex array of LEGO Power Functions kit and based on a chassis design by Efferman (which […]

    thelegocarbloggerDaf Dakar Race truckthelegocarbloggerDaf Dakar Race truck

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  • 10/17/12--14:18: Double Act
  • This awesome slice of ’60s Italian exotica is a Ferrari 250 GTO, created by two of our favourite car builders; Nick Barrett and DeTomaso Pantera, who have collaborated for the first time. Check it out at their respective pages. We’ve also interviewed DeTomaso in our new series ‘Master MOCers’, which you can read here, or by […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Ferrari GTOthelegocarbloggerLego Ferrari GTO

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  • 01/31/13--09:08: The Eagle Has Landed
  • This stunning blue racing car comes from one of the best motorsport builders around, RoscoPC*. Found on Brickshelf, this 1967 Eagle Weslake V12 features working suspension, engine and steering. The real deal won just a single race, in the hands of Dan Gurney at the notoriously dangerous Spa circuit. After 26 races the car was […]

    thelegocarbloggerClassic F1 CarthelegocarbloggerClassic F1 Car

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  • 02/03/13--02:07: Porsche Beater
  • We’ve featured a lot of Porsches here at The Lego Car Blog. They’re a popular choice for Lego builders, and why not? After all, they are the most successful sports car racing brand of all time. Occasionally though, another company comes along and displaces them from the top. Currently Audi are said manufacturer, but back […]

    thelegocarbloggerNissan GTP ZX TurbothelegocarbloggerNissan GTP ZX Turbo

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  • 02/12/13--02:51: Porsche Deliveries
  • Malte Dorowski is back, and this time it’s not with a Porsche! Well, sort of. This beautiful race car hauler is a Ford C Type, as used by the Martini Porsche Racing team. Malte has already built the team’s racing cars (along with almost every other Porsche), and they fit snugly in the back via […]

    thelegocarbloggerPorsche Racing TransporterPorsche Car ParkthelegocarbloggerPorsche Racing TransporterPorsche Car Park

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  • 02/24/13--05:19: Summer Of ’69
  • Sigh. So much for a quiet Sunday. We walked into The Lego Car Blog office today to find the Elves engaged in civil war. After donning oven mitts to separate the little turds we discovered the fight was over who had found this beautiful 1969 McLaren M7. It turns out that two Elves had legitimately […]

    thelegocarbloggerMcLaren MC7thelegocarbloggerMcLaren MC7

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  • 03/14/13--13:00: Rennstall Bunker
  • We’ve been posting MOCs towards the larger end of the spectrum recently, so today it’s time for something a bit smaller… This tiny white transporter is a stretched Volkswagen T1 ‘Renntransporter’, as used by the Rennstall Bunker Porsche Team in the 1960s. Nils O is the creator, and you can see more of his mini-masterpieces […]

    thelegocarbloggerRennstall Bunker PorschethelegocarbloggerRennstall Bunker Porsche

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  • 04/14/13--02:31: Big Italian Truck
  • If you follow the vehicle rules in the MOCpages group Classic Race Teams the results will always be good. Proof is here again… This awesome Italian truck for Classic Race Teams, built by Lego Builder Jr., features the original Maserati colour scheme and some nice details and functions. It’s worth checking out on Flickr and MOCpages, […]

    carmaster1990Fiat Maserati Transportercarmaster1990Fiat Maserati Transporter

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  • 06/16/13--11:21: Full-Stud Racer
  • MortalSwordsman returns to our favourite of his genres; historic race cars, with this sleek looking Alan Mann Ford Escort race car. Well, sleek, but also superbly classic looking, as he captures the wonderful late ’60s shape with studded plates. See more by clicking his name above.

    carmaster1990Stud-full Racercarmaster1990Stud-full Racer

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  • 09/06/13--12:05: True Blue
  • Today’s post is by Nils O, who makes his second appearance as a guest blogger (thank you Nils for both your suggested creation and for your writing talent). If you’re reading this and think you’d like to have a go too, contact us, TLCB is one of the most accessible Lego blogs around. This is the latest addition to […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Ecurie Ecosse TransporterLego Ecurie Ecosse JaguarthelegocarbloggerLego Ecurie Ecosse TransporterLego Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar

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  • 09/27/13--02:41: Past Masters
  • These astonishing classic Formula 1 cars, uncovered on both MOCpages and Brickshelf, are the work of Lego-builder F1Fan. The yellow Camel-liveried car above is a 1987 Lotus 99T, powered by Honda’s ferocious 900bhp 1.5 litre turbo and featuring active suspension. In the hands of the legendary Ayrton Senna the 99T recorded six podiums and two […]

    thelegocarbloggerLotus 99T Ayrton SennaTyrrell P34 1976thelegocarbloggerLotus 99T Ayrton SennaTyrrell P34 1976

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  • 10/30/13--03:05: Brock Racing Enterprises
  • At last, The Lego Car Blog has a proper car to bring you! And quite a legendary one at that. This marvellous Model Team model is a Datsun 510 as raced by BRE during the early-seventies. Underneath the perfectly replicated body-work (complete with accurate custom decals) is a fully remote control Power Functions chassis. It […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Datsun 510 BREthelegocarbloggerLego Datsun 510 BRE

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  • 02/03/14--02:11: ’70s Racer
  • The Elves are a bit grumpy this morning, as this post wasn’t found by them, but by one of our readers. Still, they should’ve been quicker. Alexander Paschoaletto is a previous ‘Featured TFOL’ here at TLCB, and he joins us as a Guest Blogger to explain his find: If you’re looking for amazing recreations of […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Ferrari 312thelegocarbloggerLego Ferrari 312

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    Over the past week The Lego Car Blog has been a bit more ‘Truck’ than ‘Car’. Today we return to our job description with a blog post Special to celebrate one of the team’s favourite builders, the incredible Malte Dorowski. Malte has featured here several times over the years with his beautiful racing cars. Today […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Martini Porsche RacingLego Martini Porsche RacingLego Porsche Flat 6 TurboLego Porsche 911 Carrera RSR TurboLego Martini Porsche RacingthelegocarbloggerLego Martini Porsche RacingLego Martini Porsche RacingLego Porsche Flat 6 TurboLego Porsche 911 Carrera RSR TurboLego Martini Porsche Racing

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    One of TLCB’s favourite groups, MOCpages’ Classic Race Teams, has gone quiet of late. However, MOCpages builder Greg 998 is single handedly keeping the theme going with his expanding garage of superb classic racing machinery. His work includes the Lotus 72, March Ford, Tyrrell 006 and Hunt’s 1976 McLaren shown here, as well as a variety of […]

    thelegocarbloggerClassic Formula 1 LegothelegocarbloggerClassic Formula 1 Lego

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  • 04/08/14--08:18: 6 Pack
  • The incredible car above might look like something from science fiction, but it really was a Formula 1 racing car. A winning Formula 1 racing car too. Designed in the mid ’70s, the Tyrrell P34 debuted in 1976 and survived until the 1978 season. It wasn’t the only six-wheel car either, with Williams, March and even Ferrari experimenting with […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Tyrrell P34BthelegocarbloggerLego Tyrrell P34B

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  • 07/11/14--16:01: Italian Stallion
  • It’s the weekend, hurrah! This does mean though, that TLCB Team will be drunk*, and we didn’t plan ahead any posts. Oops. Fortunately Sam the First returns as a Guest Blogger and keeps TLCB functioning. Over to Sam… Previously Featured TFOL Harry Gravett’s mind must be an interesting place. When I think of ‘difficult to build’, I think more […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Ferrari 330 P4Lego Classic Ferrari RacerthelegocarbloggerLego Ferrari 330 P4Lego Classic Ferrari Racer

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  • 08/16/14--12:41: Turbo!
  • Formula 1 might finally have got with the times and moved to turbo-charged engines, but it’s not actually the first time forced-induction has been used in Formula 1 racing. Turbo-charging first appeared in F1 as early as the 1970s (and forced induction in the form of super-charging featured in Grand Prix racing earlier even than Word War 2 – […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Renault RE20 Turbo Formula 1Lego Renault Turbo 1979 Formula 1thelegocarbloggerLego Renault RE20 Turbo Formula 1Lego Renault Turbo 1979 Formula 1

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  • 08/18/14--16:26: Flat Twelve
  • Carl Greatrix makes his second appearance in as many days here at TLCB with another unbelievable classic Formula 1 car. This time the prancing horse is Carl’s subject matter, and he’s recreated their gorgeous 1979 312T4 beautifully. Underneath the perfect bodywork lives a chassis of jaw-dropping detail, including the famous flat 12 Ferrari engine, the […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Ferrari 312T4 1979 Formula 1Lego Ferrari F1 chassisLego 1979 Ferrari and Renault Formula 1thelegocarbloggerLego Ferrari 312T4 1979 Formula 1Lego Ferrari F1 chassisLego 1979 Ferrari and Renault Formula 1

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