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The Best LEGO Cars on the Web! | LEGO News, Reviews & MOCs | Cars, Trucks, Sci-Fi, Aircraft & More

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  • 08/26/14--06:17: Seventies’ Speed
  • This particular TLCB writer wasn’t alive in the 1970s, however from what he’s seen of the era on TV everything seemed to be square and of a nasty beige-y brown hue. Everything that is, apart from Formula 1. Carl Greatrix makes his third appearance of the month here at TLCB with his final incredible 1970s’ Formula 1 racer; […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Brabham BT44B Formula 1Lego Classic Formula 1 carsthelegocarbloggerLego Brabham BT44B Formula 1Lego Classic Formula 1 cars

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  • 09/20/14--01:15: Group B
  • After nailing* a sci-fi post yesterday we’re back to what we know; cars. These two will be instantly recognisable to many of you, they are of course the legendary Audi Quattro S2 and Lancia Delta S4 from the monstrous Group B era of the World Rally Championship. Flickr’s Dario Minisini is the builder, and you can […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Group B Rally Cars Audi LanciaLego Classic RallythelegocarbloggerLego Group B Rally Cars Audi LanciaLego Classic Rally

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  • 01/04/15--17:07: Quick March
  • Suggested to us via the feedback page by a reader (and previous bloggee) is Luca Rosconi‘s beautiful 1975 March 751 Formula 1 car, which won the Austrian Grand Prix in torrential rain that year. March were one of the most prolific racing car manufacturers of all time, building cars for dozens of race teams across a variety […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego March 751 Formula 1thelegocarbloggerLego March 751 Formula 1

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  • 02/23/15--14:52: A Quick Drink
  • Le Mans, probably the greatest motor race in the world, is better than ever this year. Alongside the ubiquitous Audis in LMP1 there’ll be Toyota, Nissan and Porsche, all running hybrids in a huge variety of configurations. Formula 1 take note; giving manufacturers the freedom to innovate in line with their own skills is what creates great racing. […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Porsche 917 Le MansthelegocarbloggerLego Porsche 917 Le Mans

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  • 03/17/15--03:18: Daytona 1967
  • Following Ferrari’s latest hypercar posted earlier this week we’re taking a trip back to a time when their cars were at their most beautiful, and long before silly names and crap merchandising. This gorgeous endurance racer is the Ferrari 330 P4, and it’s been created by one of our favourite vehicle builders bob alexander. The 330 P4 […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Ferrari 330 P4thelegocarbloggerLego Ferrari 330 P4

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  • 03/20/15--17:18: The Power of Dreams
  • The 2015 Formula 1 Championship kicked off in Australia last week, and with a long-absent name back on the grid. Or should we say back of the grid? Honda’s F1 return with McLaren has not been an easy one, and due to ever more ridiculous FIA rules restricting development, innovation, and fun, the once mighty engine […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Technic Honda RA300 Formula 1 Grand Prix Car1967 Honda RA300 Formula 1 Lego TechnicLego Honda RA300 V12 Formula 1 Grand Prix RacerthelegocarbloggerLego Technic Honda RA300 Formula 1 Grand Prix Car1967 Honda RA300 Formula 1 Lego TechnicLego Honda RA300 V12 Formula 1 Grand Prix Racer

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  • 03/30/15--02:39: Blue Wonder
  • Mercedes-Benz are the racing team to beat at the moment, and back in the 1950s it was a similar story. Teams were run a bit differently half a century ago, with budgets very much smaller than they are today. Racing cars would turn up on the back of a transporter, go racing, and then go home again – there were […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Mercedes-Benz Rennwagen SchnelltransporterLego Mercedes-Benz 300SL GullwingthelegocarbloggerLego Mercedes-Benz Rennwagen SchnelltransporterLego Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing

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  • 08/08/15--02:42: A Quick Drink
  • The 24 Heures de Mans has finally been won by someone other than Audi. Porsche, in their second Le Mans since returning last year, claimed an amazing outright victory in 2015. Of course, Audi still kind of won as the two brands are effectively the same company – following VW’s recent take-over to continue their plans for world […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Porsche 917K Le MansthelegocarbloggerLego Porsche 917K Le Mans

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  • 09/01/15--10:10: Dinosaur
  • This glorious Ferrari Dino F2 racing car, built by Flickr’s LEGO Bro for TLCB Summer Building Competition, takes us back to a time when the top motorsport teams (and drivers too) competed in multiple racing categories at once. With race calendars only featuring events in single digits throughout an entire season competing in several championships concurrently was a common […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Ferrari Dino F2thelegocarbloggerLego Ferrari Dino F2

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  • 09/21/15--10:55: Flunder
  • With the news today that the Volkswagen Group has made a spectacular blunder the Elves were duly sent out to find a MOC that we could relate to the story. Unfortunately the Elves are idiots, so this 1970 Porsche 908/02 ‘Flunder’ is as close as they got. Still, it’s only one letter away and to be […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Porsche 908/02 LH FlunderLego Porsche 908 FlunderthelegocarbloggerLego Porsche 908/02 LH FlunderLego Porsche 908 Flunder

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  • 12/05/15--10:26: Streaky Bacon
  • This stripy porker comes from TLCB favourite Greg998, who has added another gorgeous classic racing car to his already impressive stable. His latest model is a recreation of one of the most successful (and dangerous) endurance racers of the 1970s; the incredible Porsche 917. This example was driven by Herrmann and Atwood for Porsche Salzburg in 1970, giving Porsche their first […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Porsche 917K Herrmann/AttwoodthelegocarbloggerLego Porsche 917K Herrmann/Attwood

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  • 01/29/16--18:23: Model Team Maserati
  • We’re starting to think that Formula 1 is becoming a bit, well… boring. You can thank Bernie Ecclestone’s enormous rulebook for the current state of affairs, but back in the ’50s the racing was gloriously exciting, due in most part to the fact that the rulebook could probably fit in a small pamphlet. This exquisite […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Maserati 250F TipothelegocarbloggerLego Maserati 250F Tipo

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  • 03/04/16--16:20: Perfect Porsche
  • No, not that LEGO Porsche, but it’s just as good. This is the latest classic racing car to come from Greg998. and it’s a special one. Porsche’s late ’80s 962C won pretty much everything in sports and endurance racing, including Le Mans in 1986 and 1987. Greg’s version is one of the three 962Cs entered […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Porsche 962C 1988 Group CthelegocarbloggerLego Porsche 962C 1988 Group C

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  • 03/11/16--09:00: Black Widow
  • Greg998 is becoming a regular here at TLCB with his superb classic racing cars. His latest, this brilliant 1976 Martini-Porsche 936 ‘Black Widow’ was suggested to us by a reader, and you can see more of it and his other builds on Flickr.

    thelegocarbloggerLego Porsche 936 Black WidowthelegocarbloggerLego Porsche 936 Black Widow

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    We like the Lancia Stratos very much here at TLCB. Styled by Bertone, powered by Ferrari, and winner of three back-to-back World Rally Championship titles, few cars can match the pedigree of Lancia’s incredible 1970s sports car. The two gorgeous models shown here both come from James Tillson, and they’re amongst our very favourite creations of […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Lancia Stratos Lego Technic Lancia Stratos Rally CarLego Technic Lancia StratosthelegocarbloggerLego Lancia Stratos Lego Technic Lancia Stratos Rally CarLego Technic Lancia Stratos

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  • 05/02/16--09:49: Hero’s Ride
  • This is a 1970s March 731 Formula 1 car, built by previous bloggee Greg998, and it belonged to one of the greatest racing drivers in history. David Purley was not a particularly successful racing driver, only racing in eleven Formula 1 races and scoring no points. He did win races and championships in lower formulas during his career […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego March 731 F1 David PurleythelegocarbloggerLego March 731 F1 David Purley

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    This incredible-looking vehicle is a 1980s Porsche 962C, one of the most dominant racing cars in the history of Sports, GT and Endurance racing. Built by previous bloggee Tamás Juhász aka mbmc this remarkable 1:8 replica is very probably the finest Technic racing car that we’ve featured here this year. Underneath the beautifully replicated bodywork is one […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Technic Porsche 962C Lego Technic Porsche 962C Le MansLego Porsche Le Mans 962CthelegocarbloggerLego Technic Porsche 962C Lego Technic Porsche 962C Le MansLego Porsche Le Mans 962C

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    Every so often we receive a suggestion here at TLCB that makes the whole office stop what it’s doing (which today seemed to mostly be Google-imaging attractive Rio Olympics athletes) to gaze in wonder at the creation/s found. This was definitely one of those moments. These incredible Model Team classic Formula 1 replicas have all been […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Lotus Ford 72D JPSLego Ferrari 640 Formula 1Lego Williams-Honda FW11Lego Lotus Ford 72C Gold LeafthelegocarbloggerLego Lotus Ford 72D JPSLego Ferrari 640 Formula 1Lego Williams-Honda FW11Lego Lotus Ford 72C Gold Leaf

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  • 02/28/17--16:01: Digital Delight
  • We receive loads of requests to blog digital creations here at TLCB, and our answer is almost always ‘no’. However this time we’ve bent our usual rule, because this, readers, is how to build a digital creation. Designed by Alan Guerzoni it’s a Speed Champions scale Ferrari 512 Long-Tail as raced by Ecurie Francorchamps at the 1970 Le […]

    thelegocarbloggerLego Ferrari 512 Longtail 1970 Le MansLego Ferrari 512 Longtail 1970 Le MansthelegocarbloggerLego Ferrari 512 Longtail 1970 Le MansLego Ferrari 512 Longtail 1970 Le Mans

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